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Street in Andahuaylas, Apurimac

3 Days

  1. San Jerónimo-Talavera-Walalache
  2. Lagoon of Pacucha
  3. Chincheros


Day 1: San Jerónimo-Talavera-Walalache

08 to 18 hrs. we will visit the Main square, church of San Juan (Main) districts of San Jerónimo, Talavera and the thermal baths of Walalache.

Day 2: Lagoon of Pacucha

Hrs. 08 we will go to visit the lagoon of Pacucha where we can to fish and to Navigate its waters an we will taste the kingfish and trouts. Soon we will visit the ruins of Sóndor of the Chanka culture.
17 hrs. Return.

Day 3: Chincheros

Hrs. 07 we will go towards Chincheros to visit the ruins Incas of Uranmarca, the sanctuary of the Cocharcas Virgin and the viewpoint of Chincheros
Hrs.18 arrival to Andahuaylas The order of the itinerary to request can be changed.
Also a day can be avoided,or to add visits to communities farmers or including other places.

Find me the best trip ever!


In addition, there is the oportunity to take the bus towards Nazca and to observe the Nazca Lines.
Includes Guide.
Transport and entrances to the visit places
does not include lodging nor feeding.

Valley of Tarma   Condor Lagoon



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