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Sunset in Cumbemayo, Cajamarca

4 Days / 3 Nights

  1. Cajamarca-Celendin-Chillo
  2. Chillo-Kuelap-Chillo
  3. Chillo-San Pedro-Chillo
  4. Chillo-The Jalca-Leimebamba-Cajamarca


Day 1: Cajamarca-Celendin-Chillo

Departure, by private car towards Chillo, previous stop in Celendín, beautiful Town where is known due to its crafts of straw and rush. We will continue our trip until the Marañón, where we will appreciate the change of the landscape and very warm climate. We continued towards Chillo which is located to few kilometers of Tingo. Dinner and overnight in lodge.

Day 2: Chillo-Kuelap-Chillo

Breakfast. Departure to Kuelap. Visit of ciudadela, this one is located the top of a mountain, covered by vegetation. It is surrounded by a gigantic wall with three entrances. In its interior we will appreciate more of 400 buildings of circular base, including an extension of six hectares. The outer wall is constructed with limestone blocks, up to three tons and that in their better conserved part get to measure twenty meters of height. Lunch. Return to Chillo. Dinner and overnight in lodge.

Day 3: Chillo-San Pedro-Chillo

Breakfast. We left towards the ruins of San Pedro, we will visit this magnificent citadel pre Inca with 200 rooms done of stone, some get to have up of three floors. It is remarkable its central patio, ceremonial passages and altars. Lunch. Return to the hotel. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Chillo-The Jalca-Leimebamba-Cajamarca

Breakfast. Our trip will return to Cajamarca, we will visit the Jalca, gift is a church built completely in stone, construction of origin pre-Hispanic. We will visit the Museum of Leimebamba. Lunch. We go on towards Cajamarca. Arrival in the evening.

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Street-Church, Cajamarca
Alpacas   Girls of Cajamarca



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