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Flounder fishing in Ica

National Reserva of Paracas

3 Days, 2 Nights, 2 ½ Fishing Days

  1. the beaches of Ica
  2. Climate
  3. Beaches
  4. The Fishing
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the beaches of Ica

The best area for Flounder and Sea Bass fishing in PERU are the beaches of Ica. The city of Ica, capital of the department of the same name, is located 300 km south from Lima in a valley which, despite its lack of water, is an ever-growing agricultural oasis. Its cotton fields are extensive, as are its fields of lima beans, asparagus, pecans and grapes for wine production (Ica is considered the grape and wine capital of Peru). The territory around the city was previously inhabited by some of the most important cultures of ancient Peru: Paracas, Nasca and Wari. Today Ica is a friendly city and the departure point for visiting some of the best beaches on the Peruvian coast, as well as the famous Nasca Lines. Its people and its sweets (be sure to try the tejas; candied pecans, figs, or lemons with sweet milk paste. Its pleasant climate and proximity to Lima make Ica an excellent travel destination. Ocucaje means “between mountains” in Quechua (the Inca language), it is a small town with an Hacienda (Wine farm) that produces some of the best wines in the country. Now the Hacienda Ocucaje is also a beautiful Hotel and is the first stop in our trip.


Dry and sunny climate year round, with a yearly mean temperature of 22C (72 F). As with all of the coastal desert, the temperature varies greatly during the day; it can reach as high as 32C (90 F) during the day and fall as low as 8C (46 F) at night. The wind blows hard in the month of August specially in the first quarter moon. The water temperature in winter and spring time (May to November) is 15C.


From the city of Ica you can reach some of the most beautiful beaches on the Peruvian coast. There are several packed dirt roads leading west, across the desert, to the ocean. One of our tours starts in Ocucaje and cross the desert for a space of one hour and 45 minutes. This is the access route to a lot of beaches (150km of fishing beaches) such as Lomitas, Barlovento, Antana, Olleros etc.

The Fishing:

We fish the beaches of Ica for 25 years. The cold waters from the Humboldt current offers us a variety of fishes such as Flounders, SeaBass, Chitas (rockfish) and a lot of Peruvian Shells like Lapas, Abalones, Almejasand sea Crabs. We use 4X4 trucks to explore more than 120 Km of beaches and we cast all the best places. Peruvian's Flounders and Sea Bass takes artificial lures like Countdown Rapalas, all kind of Suspending lures, Krokodile Spoons, Rebel and Cotton Cordel sinking lures. They prefer blues or black with silver sides. Also we use natural baits like white anchovies or silverside fish (pejerreyes). In the travel you can see Humboldt Penguins, Sea Lions, Sea Otters and occasionally Condors. The fishing season starts early May and end in December. The better months are May, June, last middle of September, October, November and December. No moon and second Quarter are the bests moons. We provide 4x4 Double cabins Toyota Trucks, Guide and mates, all the fishing tackle (rods, reels, baits, lures) all meals, beers, soft drinks and Peruvian Fruits. Now we have a small Rancho on the beach for 8 people and Tents for bigger groups. Thinks do you need: Waders, surf-fishing clothes, T shirts, slippers, some clothes for the cools nights and your personal slipping back.

The Trip: 4 Days, 3 Nights, 2 ½ Fishing Days.

Fishing Guide, Marcel Gondonneau meets the group and assist them. The schedule is the following:

Day 1: Departure to Ica city (3 ½ hours land transfer), small city tour and departure to the Ocucaje valley (15 minutes). Departure to Lomitas (1 hour 45 minutes). Set up the camp and the fishing tackle and fish the whole day. (all meals included).

Day 2: Full Day fishing (all meals included)

Day 3: Half day fishing (lunch included) and departure to Lima by afternoon.

* Per angler.

There is plenty of fishing area.

2 ½ fishing days with all the meals, guide, mate, tackle and bait, all transfers.

Our package not includes personal tips, airport and hotel bell boys tips, personal phone calls, alcoholic beverages and International departure tax (US$28).

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the cathedral, reserva national of Paracas
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