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6 Days / 5 Nights

  1. Sipan Museum Bruning
  2. National Museum Sican-Túcume
  3. Chachapoyas Town of Dead
  4. Revash –Leymebamba Museum
  5. Kuelap
  6. Heading for Chiclayo


Day 1: Sipan Museum Bruning

Transfer to the Archaeological Complex of Huaca Rajada-Sipan, located to the southwest of the Department of Lambayeque. We will begin our visit by the Real Cemetery where they are located intact tombs of the Mochica culture between which the most remarkable is the Tomb of Sipán Lord, it was discovered in June of 1987, the Tomb of the Priest, discovered in 1989, Tumba of the Old Sipán Lord, discovered in 1989, Tumba of the Guerrero discovered in August of 1998, all of them belong to the Mochica culture. After this, we will visit the Museum of Site and finally we will get the way by 2 truncate pyramids done of material adobe and carob tree wood, appreciating the panorama of the Chancay valley sugar. Return to Chiclayo city. Lunch.
Visit to the Archaeological Museum Enrique Bruning, located in Lambayeque City, that it has the remains of Sipán Lord and an admirable gold jewel collection, ceramics and fabrics, in the most belong to the Culture Mochica and Chimú. overnight in Chiclayo.

Day 2: National Museum Sican-Túcume

Visit to the National Museum Sicán located in Ferreñafe city to 25 minutes of Chiclayo, place where the remains of two tombs of the Sicán Lambayeque elite are exposed (maximum exponents of gold and silverwork in the north of the country).
After we go on to Túcume with its history of mud, chicha and quacks, we will make the excursion to the Archaeological Complex of Túcume, second capital of the Sicán culture or Lambayeque(1000 DC) it consist in 26 colossal truncate pyramids in an extension of 220 hectares, visit to the Museum of Site where we can to observe the original archaeological pieces that belonged to the cultures Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca. Walking between maizales and carob trees near to the pyramids, we will arrive at the Horcones de Túcume to enjoy good and typical food . Opportune hour we will return to Chiclayo to get to bus that leaves to 18:00 hours to Chachapoyas.

Day 3: Chachapoyas Town of Dead

Arrival to Chachapoyas and transfer to the hotel, breakfast. In scheduled time we will go towards Lamud, province of Luya capital, it is a quiet town and in their surroundings there are interesting places that is nice to visit, on a high rocky crag on the valley of the Utcubamba river are the sarcophagus and funeral houses, this is Town of Deads, their tombs seem to hang of a precipice and they are one of the archaeological sites most spectacular of the continent, from this place we can to appreciate a wonderful sight of the Utcubamba canyon .Lunch.
At the South, it is located Ranch od Chillo, an pleasant stay to have Dinner. Overnight.

Day 4: Revash –Leymebamba Museum

Breakfast and departure to Revash to the south of Chachapoyas, one hour of trip in private transport the valley of the Utcubamba following Sto. Tomás river, two hours of long walk to get to know another way entertainment: inaccessible places like the mausoleos belonging to the Culture Revash, houses constructed miniature in cornice of a elevated crag, dominating the valley, one of the impressive sites and also accessible for the visitors, ideal place to take fotos. Box lunch.
We go on our tour towards Leymebamba, to 45 minutes and also we will visit the Museum of the Mallqui Center that lodges 219 mommies and archaeological pieces of the Chachapoya-Inca period, they were recovered from famous “Lago de los Condores”, in 1997. we return to Chillo. Dinner and Overnight.

Day 5: Kuelap

Breakfast. Transfer to the Archaeological Complex of Kuelap to one hour and half of trip, it is the most tourist attractive of Chachapoyas even of the nor east peruano. It is located in the district of Tingo, province of Luya, on a rocky crest to a height of 3000 meters on the level of the sea, we will explore the ceremonial constructions and aqueducts, appreciating the wonderful landscape. Box Lunch.
to scheduled time transfer to Chachapoyas. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Heading for Chiclayo

Breakfast, Bus departure at 09:00 heading for Chiclayo.

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