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Terms and Conditions

Peru Mundo Travel, the company behind FlightsPeru.com or the suppliers of services related with the program previously described act only as organizers of the same one and don't assume responsibility for accidents, illnesses, damages and losses, involuntary delays derived by causes of force major as natural disasters or from acts of God, as well as for an act of negligence on the part of companies or individuals involved in the air or terrestrial transport, accommodation or provision of other services described in this program.

Peru Mundo Travel reserves the right of accepting, refusing or retaining any person or member of the group in some of its expeditions.

Peru Mundo Travel is exempted of the responsibility by the non fulfillment in the provision of any service if this is due to causes of force major as strikes, natural disasters, governments' decisions, etc. And if this takes place before or during the trip impeding the execution of the operation, the client will be entitled to the refund of the paid money, except for the administration expenses and the difference, if there was any, of the services already used. In the event of strikes, delays or cancellations of flights Peru Mundo Travel won't assume maintenance, lodging neither transfers expenses.

Every refund order will be assisted immediately and they will be requested in writing, including all the pertinent information. If the cancellation is received with 30 days of anticipation 100% will be reimbursed excepting the administrative expenses; if the cancellation is received with 15 days of anticipation it will be subject to a penalty of 20% of the rate; if the cancellation is received with less than 15 days of anticipation it will be subject to a penalty of 25%. In case of No Show or cancellation during the trip won't be any refund.

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