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Lagoon Llanganuco, Ancash

3 Days / 2 Nights

  1. Callejón de Huaylas–Llanganuco Lagoon
  2. Chavín de Huantar
  3. Return to Huaraz



Day 1: Callejón de Huaylas-Llanganuco Lagoon

Reception and Transfer to the hotel. We will visit the paradisíaco Alley of Huaylas, with its typical towns like Carhuaz, Carás, Yungay and the beautiful Lagoon of Llanganuco, whose waters turquesa color reflect the majesty of the Huascarán, surrounded of the wild tropical flora more discharge of the world. Lunch in a tourist recreation in the city of Carás. Return to Huaraz, visiting the artisan center of Tarica. Lodging.

Day 2: Chavín de Huantar

Breakfast. We will visit the millenarian Temple of Chavín, explaining maximum of our civilization, today declared Cultural Patrimony of the World. Route by the archaeological set, we will appreciate the Lanzón de Chavín, the nailed Heads, the Stone of Choquechinchay, we will cross an impressive network of internal galleries or labyrinths, also are appraised columns and a great concentric ceremonial piece of graderías. Lunch. Return to Huaraz.

Day 3: Return to Huaraz

Breakfast, Transfer to Bus station.

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Craftsman of Huaraz, Ancash
Chavín de Huantar   Puya Raimondi



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