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Nanay River, Loreto

   4 Days / 3 Nights

  1. Iquitos - Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge
  2. Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge - Tambo Yanayacu Lodge
  3. Tambo Yanayacu Lodge
  4. Tambo Yanayacu Lodge - Iquitos - Lima

Day 1: Iquitos - Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge

You will be met at the airport by one of our native guides trained in Amazon ecology. On the way to the dock you will make a brief tour of this XIX century colonial city, and its main places of interest. At the dock you board a typical "Pamacari" boat and start your trip of an hour and a quarter down the Amazon. The Amazon River is 4,000 miles long, and you will see interesting places during the boat ride to the Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge, which is built in the native style, and is set in the middle of a tropical garden surrounded by thick vegetation. Here you will be welcomed with a drink, and will get a description of the Lodge’s facilities, and comfortable accommodations with private bathroom. Kerosene flares light the way to the lodge.A visit to the Yagua community. Here begins your eco-cultural walk that includes a visit to one of the oldest communities in this region, the tribe of native Yaguas, where you will learn how they have adapted to the demands of the jungle and modern life.

Return to the Lodge. Lunch. Afterwards a visit to a riverside family to observe the agricultural techniques that have permitted them to survive in this fragile and difficult environment. Here you will see the rudimentary extraction of sugar cane and then enjoy a beautiful trip back in the sunset to the Lodge.

Evening trip/Amazon Legends. This is a trip in the world of shadows, enjoying the different sounds of the symphony of the night. Return to the Lodge for dinner. After dinner, the guide will entertain you with histories and legends of Amazon mythology". You will also be invited to share some musical instruments of the region with the guide.

Day 2: Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge - Tambo Yanayacu Lodge

You will take an excursion at dawn by canoe or on foot to do some bird watching, and to seek the pink dolphin (Inea Geofrensis). Your guide will try to attract them by emitting their peculiar call. Return to the Lodge. Breakfast.

All day exploration of the Primary Forest Reserve in the Tambo Yanayacu Lodge ecosystem, on the river by boat. You will visit the ecosystem called "The Kingdom of Giant Trees" where species of trees such as the Lupuna flourish. This Reserve is renowned world wide for its excellent wild life. You will travel there by canoe to see the abundant flora and fauna of this leafy low forest where you can find medicinal plants, varieties of insects, butterflies, etc. along the trail. You will visit "Shansho Cocha" where the prevailing birds are the hoatzin, well-known as "shanshos" for their peculiar call, and which feed on leaves. Arrive at Tambo Yanayacu Lodge, built in the native style, and standing on the banks of the Yanayacu River. Lunch.

Tour of handmade fishing gear. See the handmade piranhas, with rustic canes and instruments that the local villagers use, and learn something about the ichthyological fauna.

Return to the Tambo Yanayacu Lodge. Dinner. Free evening.

Day 3: Tambo Yanayacu Lodge

Dawn excursion on the Yanayacu River, for birdwatching. Breakfast in the Tambo. Excursion to Yagua Cocha and surroundings. Stroll in a leafy low forest where you can appreciate insects and plants until you reach the "cocha" and can study the ichthyological fauna. Lunch. Visit a village to observe their customs. Return to the Tambo. After dinner the guide will entertain you with stories of Amazon mythology.

Day 4: Tambo Yanayacu Lodge - Iquitos - Lima

Breakfast at the Tambo. Return to Iquitos via the Amazon river boat.


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Mushrooms, Loreto
Sunset in Iquitos   Native boy



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