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Old Saña Town, Lambayeque

   4 Days / 3 Nights

  1. Archaeological Complex of Sipán
  2. Ferreñafe - Chiclayo
  3. Tour Chiclayo
  4. Santiago de Miraflores de Saña


Day 1: Archaeological Complex of Sipán

Transfer to the Archaeological Complex of HUACA RAJADA- Sipán, located to the southwest of the Department of Lambayeque. Beginning our visit to the Real Cemetery where they are located intact tombs of the Mochica culture, there remarks the Sipan Lord tomb, discovered in June of 1987, the Tomb of the Priest, discovered in 1988, Tumba of the Old Sipán Lord, discovered in 1989, Tomb of the Guerrero Head discovered in August of 1996, and Tumba of the Second Guerrero Head discovered in 1988, all of them belong to the Mochica Culture. Afterwards we will visit the Museum of Site and finally a walking by two truncate pyramids done of matter of adobe and carob tree wood, appreciating the panorama of fertile Chancay valley by the field of cane sugar. Return to Chiclayo city. Lunch.

Visit to the Archaeological museum Enrique Bruning, located in the city of Lambayeque, it has the rest of Sipán Lord and admirable gold jewel collection, ceramics and fabrics, the Most belong to the Culture Mochica and Chimu.

Day 2: Ferreñafe - Chiclayo

Transfer to Ferreñafe town. Visit to National Museum of Sicán, located in Ferreñafe to 25 minutes of Chiclayo, place where are exposes the rests of two Tombs of the Sican elite (Lambayeque)highest exponent of orfebrería in the north of the country. We go on towards the Historical Sanctuary of Batangrande which shows the regional flora and fauna of the dry forests, in addition, the outstanding piramidales constructions of the Sicán Culture: Huaca El Loro or El Oro, El Ingeniero, La Rodillona and Las Ventana, in this last one in year 1936 was discovered the famous knife or Tumi de Oro. Soon we will arrive at Túcume with its mud history, adobes and Quacks, walking between field of corn and carob trees closely to the Pyramids, we will arrive at the Horcones de Túcume to enjoy a good typical food. In pertinent time, we will make a walking to the Archaeological Complex of Túcume, second capital of Culture Sicán or Lambayeque(1000 D.C) formed by 26 colossal truncated pyramids in an extension of 220 hectares, visit to the Museum of Site where original archaeological pieces will be appreciate, they belonged to the cultures Lambayeque, Chimu and Inca. Return to Chiclayo city.

Day 3: Tour Chiclayo

Trip by Chiclayo, Capital of the department of Lambayeque, tourist axis of the north of our country and gate of entrance to noreast of this region where the enigmatica Fortress of Kuélap. Visit to Herbolario Market where they offer medicinal plants and own elements of the chamanismo in Lambayeque.Transfer to the hotel. Rest of day to personal activities.

Day 4: Santiago de Miraflores de Saña

Visit to Santiago de Miraflores de Saña, city founded on 1563, it is the only city created in Lambayeque to be lived by Spaniards, shows the architecture of the time and the vestiges of its churches: San Agustín, La Merced, La Matriz and San Francisco, in addition, the rich oral local tradition. Transfer to Monsefú, Visit to the typical city of Monsefú well-known due to its thread fabric and straw. We go on towards Santa Rosa fisher dock and Pimentel to observe the madehand fishing in totora ponies. Return to Chiclayo, Transfer to the hotel and pertinent time transfer to the airport.

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The Sipan Lord, Lambayeque
Pyramids Túcume   Rider in Lambayeque



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