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Peruvian Festivals and Rituals on July

Marinera Festival


Wine Festival

Peruvian Paso Horse Festival

Festival of the Holy Crosses

Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Protectors of the Peruvian Fishermen

Independence Day

Saint Rose of Lima and America

Spring Festival

Lord of Miracles

All Saints, Day of the Death (Halloween next day)






Yawar Feast

: Cotabambas, Apurimac
Date: July 26 - 30

In the village of Ccollurqui, in the province of Cotabambas, Apurimac, an eight-hour drive from the city of Abancay up a dirt road, the locals celebrate Independence Day with a bullfight whose symbolic characteristics have turned it into a ritual.

Taking part are a bull and a condor, portraying the Spanish and Andean worlds, respectively. Once the condor has been trapped, it is lashed to the bull's back, which the bird pecks at savagely in a bid to free itself. At the same time, the bull is released in the ring and surrounded by spontaneous bullfighters who fend off the animal with their ponchos. The bull, maddened with pain, leaps into the air trying to rid itself of the condor.

Finally, when the bull has been overcome -and it usually is- the condor is set free amidst music and general rejoicing. If the condor is badly wounded, or dies, it is taken as an omen for the village. At night, dancers take to the streets, fireworks are set off and the villagers stage a torchlit procession.

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Independence Day

: All over Peru
Date: July 28 - 29

Across the country, Peruvians throw parties and hold patriotic celebrations to remember the Declaration of Peru's Independence (July 28, 1821) by the Liberator Jose de San Martin. In Lima and cities across Peru, even in remote communities, homes fly the Peruvian flag from the start of July.

On the night of July 27, Peruvians often stage serenatas to the strains of folk and Creole music in plazas and public parks. Dawn on July 28 is greeted with a salvo of 21 cannons, to herald the ceremony of raising the flag. On the following day, before the famous military parade is held in downtown Lima, the Te Deum ceremony, attended by the president, is celebrated in the Cathedral of Lima.

In various parts of the country, Peruvians also hold agricultural and livestock fairs (Cajamarca, Piura, Monsefu) together with three festivals that are the soul of Creole culture: cockfighting, bullfighting and Peruvian paso horse exhibitions.

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Yawar Feast
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