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Trekking in Cordillera Blanca, Ancash

5 Days / 4 Nights

  1. Huaraz–Canrey Chico–Rodio 9 km.
    6/7 hours aprox.
  2. Rodio–Shonkopampa 11/12 km.
    8 hours aprox.
  3. Shonkopamapa–Chavin 7 km.
    5 hours aprox.
  4. Transfer from Chavin to Huaraz
    4/5 hours driving (tour included)

Day 1: Huaraz–Canrey Chico–Rodio 9 km. 6/7 hours aprox.

6/7 hours aprox. after wake up in the morning in the hotel we’ll prepare our bags to aboard the CAMPER ISOBE bus to the trailhead CANREY CHICO, we’ll leave from Huaraz approximately at 7:30 am. After to arrive our mountain staff will serve us the traditional Andean breakfast PAPACASHQUI, and hot coffee made of toasted barley this breakfast is to introduce the visitors VIVENCIAL TOURISM after to have breakfast in the LLAMAS RANCH in Canrey Chico, we’ll start our hiking with Llamas, our llamas will help us with day back pack, and our mountain supplies will take the donkeys. This day we will enjoy the most beautiful panoramic scenes of the white peaked mountains and beautiful landscapes In Canrey Chico we’ll start at 3500 masl. Until 3700 masln the first camp place RODIO overnight in our first camp.

Day 2: Rodio–Shonkopampa 11/12 km 8 hours aprox.

After the breakfast we’ll continue hiking with our Llamas and from here we wil go through the PRE-INCA TRAIL, we’ll enjoy the beautiful landscape going through the humble straw roof sheepherder’s huts, steep by steep closing the white mountains , this day will be a bit steap to climb the only pass Yanashallash at 4700 masl. After to get this pass we’ll have lunch enjoying the views of the cordillera blanca, and here we’ll stay just in the water flowing share to the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, after lunch we’ll go down the zigzag path to our next camp place Shoncopampa approximately at 3800 masl, here will be our second camp place.

Day 3: Shonkopamapa–Chavin 7 km. 5 hours aprox.

After of the Andean breakfast we’ll go down with our llamas, passing through the peasant villages of Chichucancha, Hatu, Nunupata and here we will have lunch, after it we’ll continue going down until the biggest PER-INCA ruins CHAVIN at 3050 masl, after to place our things in the Hotel Chavin we’ll go to visit the Pre-Inca remains, then we’ll say good bye our mountain staff and we’ll overnight at hotel Chavin.

Day 4: Transfer from Chavin to Huaraz 4/5 hours driving
(tour included)

After the breakfast in the hotel we’ll aboard the bus around 9 am to Huaraz, we’ll climb the White Mountain in the east side by the Tambillos ravine until the highest pass of the Cahuish Tunel at 4500 masl. Then we’ll go down by the Conde ravine to the turquoise lake of Querococha and from here to Huaraz end of our PRE-INCA TRAIL LLAMATREKKING.

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Mountain Pastoruri, Ancash
Ski in Mountain Pastoruri   Chavin de Huantar



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