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Useful Information

Amazon Rainforest

  1. Safety
  2. Weather
  3. We recommend you to
  4. What to bring
  5. Luggage
  6. Water
  7. Health
  8. Yellow fever inoculation requirement


One of the main reasons why our tour operator is considered a Jungle Specialist is because of our emphasis on safety. We provide our own transportation, both boats for the river and specialized overland vehicles for the road.
Guides are a very important part of your trip because they help you understand all about the rainforest, the interrelations between the plants and animals and the importance of conserving this natural ecosystem. There are biologists, anthropologists and rainforest specialists amongst the staff. All the guides speak Spanish and English and some may speak German, Italian or French.
Our cook and his assistant will provide you with a well-balanced and tasty meal plan during your trip, including vegetarian menus if required. Drinking water will be provided whenever you need it throughout the trip.


The Manu area has both a dry and a wet season with some sudden cold weather fronts throughout the year. The bulk of the Biosphere Reserve lies within the watershed of the 250 km long Manu River, one of the many small rivers that flow out of the Andes and unite to form the mighty Amazon River.
Most of the low land sections of the park (at 400mts above sea level) receive about two meters of rain annually, which is only twice as much as New York City. Most of this rain falls from October or November through April or May. The dry months of the year are from June to September.
Daytime high temperatures in the lowland sections range from 32ºC to 35 (81-90 F), while night time low temperature average 20-26ºC (68-79 F). In any month of the year, however, unexpected Cold Fronts from the South can bring one or two days of heavy rain with daytime high temperatures of 13-18ºC (55.65 F) and night-time low temperatures of 10ºC (50 F).

We recommend you to

• Always use boots on walks.
• Drink a lot of liquid during your stays in the forest.
• Keep a kit of dry clothes in your room.

What to bring

• Sleeping bag.
• Warm clothing in case of a cold front (Sweaters and a jacket).
• 100% Waterproof rain wear (long poncho).
• Long sleeved shirts and long pants (cotton).
• Plenty of insect repellent.
• Sunscreen lotion, wide brim hat (for sunny days).
• One or two pairs of sneakers.
• One pair of lightweight ankle height boots and sandals.
• Flashlight, enough batteries (alkaline) and bulbs.
• Binoculars.
• Sun glasses.
• Plastic bags.
• Towel.
• Swimsuit.
• Personal medicines and/or supplies
(liquid for contact lenses, for example)
• Day pack, and one back pack or duffel bag of luggage per person.
• Camera and film ASA 200 and 400 for the inner forest.


Due to limited space in the canoes only a medium sized handbag or rucksack for the river trip is allowed. Excess baggage can be left in the Cusco office deposit.


Tap water in most of Peru is potable, but the chemical content varies from place to place. To avoid problems, we recommend you always drink bottled water.


Because you are visiting Andean areas, don't forget to take precautions to avoid altitude sickness if you are prone to it. Be sure to try a hot tea or infusion of coca leaves on arrival at altitude. On your first day in the city move slowly and eat lightly.

Yellow fever inoculation requirements

Yellow fever inoculation is required for travel to Peru's rainforest. Get your vaccine at least 10 days before arrival in the jungle. Don't forget to bring your yellow fever inoculation certificate, as you must show it to the authorities during your trip to the Peruvian rainforest.

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